Saturday, February 28, 2009

recipe organization

I started this recipe blog so I can ditch my paper system of recipe cards in a box, but I've found it essentially just as difficult to let go of my cards as it is to get rid of cookbooks (gasp! the horror of the mere idea!). So I haven't really been diligent about using it, but I think it could work very well for someone who can more easily make the permanent leap to the computer for their recipes. There are tons of other recipe organizing ideas at Monthly Round-up on OrgJunkie, check it out and then get organized yourself!

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L2L said...

I have found that Big Oven is helping me get organized with new recipes and meal planners.... I just wish I had a phone that I could use their wonderful grocery list app with, lol. But I too still have cook books, in fact I collect them... and I haven't even touched my binder of recipes in I don't know how long. Hey I think as long as you get the cooking done, right, lol!!!!!